White Space Marketing Analytics

Peter M Wells Business Group (PMWBG) introduces a truly remarkable, pro-active marketing research and sales transformation program designed to find the next “big business” initiative your firm can immediately enact to dramatically change your business advantage forever. Companies we work with quickly improve their growth trajectory in the markets they serve by implementing our proven business development strategy known as White Space Marketing Analytics.This powerful tool helps companies stuck in the morass of overly competitive markets identify the next game changing business growth strategy that is so effective they will leave the competition in the dust.

In as little as 90 days, companies we work with uncover amazing growth opportunities no one saw before. They use this break out strategy to resurrect the power of their brand, regain the winning edge or quite simply grow. By studying the P&L of the white space markets served in a unique way we teach, companies we work with find vast new opportunity either through developing new technological advantage or by launching alternative value- based sales methodology that proves fresh financial worth to take markets by storm. By implementing PMWBG “white space” strategy, companies undergo a metamorphosis to transform business from lethargic survivors in overly competitive markets to industry leaders who set the pace and outdistance competition.  Our guarantee is to show your firm how to deliver its next “decisive” business opportunity in ways not understood before, to accelerate growth, attract and retain optimum buyers, and ultimately improve institutional value.

Through this white paper we introduce our market driven program and invite your firm to learn how you too can break free and build your value-rich future.

Through “White Space Marketing Analytics,” we’ve helped over 100 companies

generate nearly $10 billion in new sustainable revenues and increased institutional wealth!

We want you to learn about this amazing program too.



Peter M Wells Business Group is famous for developing the next generation of game changing innovations that transforms the way entire industries do business to the advantage of the companies that lead them.

Called “White Space Marketing Analytics,” this ingenious program has helped companies we work with develop hundred million dollar business opportunities even in depressed economic times. It works because we systematically study the P&L of our customer’s marketplace to find holes no one saw before, then develop innovative solutions and go-to-market strategies to fill them . . .  solutions their customers simply can’t ignore.