New Satellite Technology Drives Alternative Earnings for Property Business

Property managers in insurance, banking, and government agencies receive substantial earnings upside from transformative satellite monitoring and analytics delivered expressly from aerospace leader ICEYE. Property risk managers, underwriters and claims executives now drive substantial financial returns observing Property Flood and other site-specific-conditions – right as they occur – utilizing the World’s Fastest Hazard and Flood Extent and Depth Monitoring Systems from ICEYE.

ICEYE Flood Monitoring Solution

ICEYE Delivers Agile, Satellite-Based Property Monitoring Through Technology and Analytics Able to Give Deep Insight to Location Specific Condition Whenever and Wherever Needed. Whether Performing Risk Assessments for New or Existing Property Business, or Tracking Real Time Severity for Major Flood Claims, this Cost-effective Advancement in Property Management is Proven to:

  • Accelerate Reaction Time
  • Better Position Field Staff
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Improve Reserving

Having Real-Time Information About Flood Events, For Example, Makes Many of Today’s Cost Layers Obsolete. The Next Level of Alternative Earnings Upside is Here and Immediately Achievable, Which Income Drops Right to the Bottom Line and Gives Fresh Competitive Advantage.

New Competitive Advantage for Insurers:

ICEYE makes available real time as events unfold satellite driven radar imagery and site-specific analytics that monitor property and property loss conditions and change. The technology sees through clouds, smoke and at night so users finally see loss events at each location as they unfold, especially effective managing resources during catastrophic events.

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    ⦁ Speed up predictions of HOW MANY CLAIMS to expect.
    ⦁ Identify severity immediately to LIMIT FIELD TIME.
    ⦁ Speed up more reliable RESERVE Forecasting saving capital.
    ⦁ Provide better SEVERITY Forecasting.
    ⦁ Reduced need for intrusive and costly property inspections.
    ⦁ Save millions of dollars in cost containment making business more profitable.
    ⦁ Deliver READY NOW technology to monitor ongoing property conditions and claims severity real time.

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