Unlike the majority of consulting management firms, our team has been active business operators…. not observers, academics or analysts. At Peter M. Wells Business Group we have real world operating experience to complement our research and innovation insights.
Not just advisers, we often work side-by-side with clients teams to achieve the results we define.

Insurance Author

“Peter Wells authors two leading business strategy books for the financial services industry that become the road map for how business evolved over the past 20 years  – especially successful in property business.”

Experience Counts

We have uncanny creativity and long-term vision. We see the way where others fall short.

We are over 95% successful in the projects we manage…

  • solving complex M&A challenges
  • building dramatic economic returns
  • conceiving game-changing innovation
  • transforming sales process
  • coordinating operational excellence
  • expanding client satisfaction and loyalty
  • deploying value-based techniques that attract markets
  • driving short and long-term institutional value
"Wells concepts showed "the early adapters of the improved underwriting discilpine, are giddy about the strong profits they have found." — Brian Sullivan
Editor of the Property Insurance Report
Innovation Strategy Transformation
Asset Optimization Enhanced Institutional Value Accelerated Growth Plans
Increased Portfolio Value Book of Business Upgrades Co-managed Value Selling
New Product Design Merger & Acquisition Support Sales Teams & Training
Product Road-mapping Company Integrations Active Field Selling
New Analytic Systems JVs/Spin-offs/Divestitures Competitive Positioning
Whitespace Marketing Vertical Business Invention Vertical Business Launch

How We Work:

 How We Deliver :

  • Core business analysis
  • Evaluation and analysis against a list of critical elements
  • Mutual agreement on high priority areas
  • Actionable, measurable and insightful solutions
  • Action plan development and implementation
  • Progress evaluation and strategic objectives assessment
Solutions And Services
Our capacity in delivering our solutions and services is largely that of an advisor and partner to provide objective guidance, expertise and structure for optimizing business processes, solving organizational problems and providing feedback on progress.


Advanced Predictive Analytics Innovation & Strategy Development
Portfolio Turnaround Strategies Predictive Business Analytics
Sales Improvement & Risk Selection Sales Transformation Mapping
Business Development & Innovation Executive Team Development
Finance & Risk Assessment Portfolio Success Reengineering
Corporate Finance & Advisory Competitive Analysis & Positioning
Regulatory & Public Policy Regulatory & Public Policy
Custom Projects/Project Management Merger & Acquisition Support