Peter M. Wells is a 30-year veteran of the P&C insurance industry and banking community who is known for creating key technical innovations that are used every day by millions of business professionals in the financial services and other industries. Wells’ business intelligence and predictive analytic solutions became the standards of operation for the financial services marketplace, sometimes written into law. Wells has a published history of helping more than 100 companies recover more than $10 billion in annually renewed revenue that was otherwise lost.
Wells was President/CEO for Marshall & Swift / Boeckh (MSB) for over 15 years building the company from under $17M in annual revenues to nearly $120M, which company was sold under his leadership three times for nearly $1B in shareholder returns to billion dollar firms like McDonald Dettwiler Aerospace and TPG Investors where Wells also held executive roles.
Prior to MSB, Wells was the President and founding partner for Value Quote Systems which crated the first Windows applications for use in the insurance space, and was the head of business development for insurance markets at F.W. Dodge/McGraw-Hill and Data Resources Inc. (DRI).
Wells career in insurance began as a claims manager with AMICA Mutual and as Project Leader for the original ACORD Corporation.
Today Wells is a Management Consultant helping Insurance Companies and Venders develop and take to market mission critical analytics solutions that dramatically improve financial results and overall operating rations. He is also on a number of Boards of Directors where he contributes on growth and technology management.

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