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Clients Generated $10 Billion in Sustainable Revenues.
"Our proven methods for increasing wealth and shareholder value will help your business create a sustainable and value rich future."

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The best way to predict the future - is to create it!
Our primary business purpose is to increase the institutional value for the clients we serve. We do this through our creative approach to technical innovation, go-to-market strategy, and value-based sales transformation. The industries we serve include insurance, banking, construction, real estate and appraisal, and select government agencies. We focus on these industries because of our 30 plus years of expertise creating profound opportunity for our clients.

business interruption insurance itv estimating system

We deliver the first ITV Estimating Solution for Business Interruption.

What is Business Interruption itv estimating?

We deliver the first ITV Estimating Solution for Business Interruption.
Read more on this technology.
Find out more, get the recently published article by Author (for Business Interruption Insurance ITV Estimating Program) Peter M. Wells.

What to expect when becoming our client

Thought Leadership Optimization Assessment Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Accelerated Revenue & Market Growth Advanced Market Research Long Term/Exponential R.O.I
Fresh Selling Perspectives Predictive Analysis Accelerated Growth & Margins Optimization
Fresh Selling Perspectives Co-management Value Selling Hedge Against Down Markets
Increased Profitability Cross Functional Integration Increased Institutional Value
Enhanced Shareholder Value Resource Alignment Multi-year Success Plans
Business Transformation M&A Measurement Tools Our Active Participation in Any Work Process

4 Principles for Success

In the white space of the industry is hidden the next game changing opportunity if you know where to look.
Business Imagination

Through use of our proprietary “white space marketing analytics” research and superior design a...

business consulting firm

Our professional team helps companies we work with define and execute next generation business ...

project management consultant

Successful companies achieve exceptional competitive advantage in the markets they serve. We pl...


New solutions for success are not complete if they aren’t able to be sold. Only then has a busi...


From clients and industry experts.
“ I’ve worked with the Well’s Group for nearly 20 years as an executive with varied sizes of companies and within multiple distribution channels. They have always provided me with unique insights and solutions that fit our business needs and help drive our results. Their knowledge of the insurance industry and willingness to invest in specialized solutions has set them apart from others, and has ensured we always meet our goals. “
Bob Otis

Bob Otis

President and CEO National Lloyds Insurance Prior Chief Underwriting Officer, Allstate Product and Underwriting Executive at USAA and Travelers

Wells conceives "a roadmap that helps carriers understand and implement strategies and techniques such as data archiving, data analytics, and book of business management that their peers have shown will improve underwriting, risk selection and decisioning..."
Dennis Chookaszian

Dennis Chookaszian

Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer CNA Insurance Companies

"Thanks again for taking the time to meet yesterday, everything that we talked about was immensely helpful. Told my team after we sat down that it was the most substantive meeting I've had in the last 6 months. ... sell money instead of product. "
Coby Skonord | IDEA WAKE

Coby Skonord | IDEA WAKE

Founder and CEO

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Through our many engagements over 30 years of industry experience we have made companies more than 8 Billion in New Revenue.


Using the latest web and SMS technologies, married with innovation in video-mail capabilities, subscription-based markets like Insurance, Telecom, Banking and others communicate more effectively with their customers through this low cost communication medium. Why send otherwise sterile e-mail or letters to manage critical client relations when you can provide interactive video communication that introduces your concerned staff to your members.