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30 Years Devising Mission Critical Technical Innovations that changed the financial landscape for insurance companies now unveils Business Interruption. This exciting new program is quickly shaping the way the insurance industry defines policy assessment and coverage for businesses.

Recent articles have now been published telling the side of Peter M. Wells and the program being called BII. We encourage all interested to contact us immediately for a demonstration.

Peter M. Wells 30 + Years Of Accomplishments

Systems Developed Innovation Description Source
A Legacy of Innovation In Markets Served Wells Systems Development Inventions
More Than 15 Mission Critical Innovations Wells Innovation Success Timeline
InterChange 1st Validated Home Characteristics Database
Next Generation Hazard Identification Database New Innovations and Hazard Data
Field Inspection Transfer with ExpressLync Loading Complex Inspection Data to File Records
AccuCoverage 1st Cost Estimating Technology For Consumers
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Peter M. Wells 30 + Years Of Accomplishments

                           Other Strategies for Success

"the early adapters of the improved
underwriting discipline, are giddy about
the strong profits they found."

Brian Sullivan
Editor of the Property Insurance Report

Description Source
Books From by Peter M. Wells
Ingenious Business Strategies
Building Competitive Advantage Strategy
Co-management Sales Transformation Strategy
Press Release For Property Publication
Achievement Award inCanadian Construction Market.
Improved Management Direction in Property Insurance.
Gosselin Interview with Peter M. Wells. Grosslen, Peter; High Wire: The Precarious Financial Lives of American Families; Perseus 2008

Articles Published regarding achievements of PMWBG

Bloomberg Article

Article Overview

Peter M. Wells serves as President and Business Manager of Commercial at Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, LLC. Mr. Wells is responsible for strategic business planning, product development and Co-sourcing services to the underwriting and claims divisions of property insurance carriers. He served as Senior Vice President of Marshall & Swift / Boeckh (MSB). He is responsible for managing its short- and long-term strategic business strategy, product development and co-sourcing

More than 30 years experience

With nearly 30 years of history and success in the financial and insurance industry, Peter M. Wells and the Peter M. Wells Business Group has the knowledge and expertise to assist in projects that include M&A support, Insurance Strategizing and Market Penetration for your business.