Business Imagination


  • Technology INNOVATION, Design, Programming and Delivery

Through use of our proprietary “white space marketing analytics” research and superior design and build capabilities we peer into the P&L of markets to find holes’ no one saw before then create real and tangible technology solutions, analytic databases and totally predictive web-enabled systems to fill them. We have designed and brought to market more than 14 game changing innovations that generated billions of dollars in returns for our customers, constructing new billion dollar industries and decisive business opportunities for the 21st century.

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  • Long and Short-term Business Development STRATEGY

Our professional team helps companies we work with define and execute next generation business solutions and operating methodologies that change the landscape of markets to their advantage. Whether for short or long-term needs, we demonstrate how to accelerate results for exceptional growth, operating success, high margin returns and increased institutional value. Over 95% of the initiatives we undertake succeed.

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  • Improved ALIGNMENT with Markets for Extraordinary Competitive Advantage

Successful companies achieve exceptional competitive advantage in the markets they serve. We place your business under the microscope of our analytics insight to better ALIGN your business with your ideal customers, your best marketing and sales approach and overall operational excellence to drive long-term sustainable relationships your customers appreciate and renew. Through our deep dive approach, we deliver fresh market position and sustained advantage over competition in new and profound ways.


  • Value-based SALES Transformation

New solutions for success are not complete if they aren’t able to be sold. Only then has a business fully transformed or evolved. Peter M. Wells Business Group not only develops the winning strategies and technologies that transform companies, we also go to market with you using our remarkable “co-managed” sales approach to ensure your team is able to sell the future you espouse. In our lexicon, transformation includes accelerated sales success and we bring a reservoir of value-based tools and financial success techniques to help clients accelerate growth and dominate markets they serve. We do what other advisory firms don’t – we help you sell it!

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Services Offered By Peter M. Wells Business Group

Clients Generated $10 Billion in Sustainable Revenues.

The products and services we offer:

Enterprise Level Management Consulting

Vision & Strategy

Business Opportunity, Turn-around and Transformation Strategy

Product Innovation, Design, Programming and Delivery

Value-based Sales Training & Support

Executive Training

Predictive Data Analytics Systems Design

Unique “Econometric” Data about the U.S. Economy

Cloud-based Insurance to Value Estimating Systems for Business Interruption Insurance

Predictive Scoring and Estimating for Building Life Cycle

Geo-spatial Crime Data

Geo-spatial Underwriting Water, Fire, Wind & Hail Behavioral Scoring Data

Image & Retention Internet Mail Systems

Robotic Process Automation Technologies

Best Markets and Client Alignment Systems

M&A and Integration Management Support

Expert Testimony on Real Property & Business Interruption Valuation

Beverage Transformation Products