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Services Offered By Peter M. Wells Business Group

Clients Generated $10 Billion in Sustainable Revenues.

The products and services we offer:

Enterprise Level Management Consulting

Vision & Strategy

Business Opportunity, Turn-around and Transformation Strategy

Product Innovation, Design, Programming and Delivery

Value-based Sales Training & Support

Executive Training

Predictive Data Analytics Systems Design

Unique “Econometric” Data about the U.S. Economy

Cloud-based Insurance to Value Estimating Systems for Business Interruption Insurance

Predictive Scoring and Estimating for Building Life Cycle

Geo-spatial Crime Data

Geo-spatial Underwriting Water, Fire, Wind & Hail Behavioral Scoring Data

Image & Retention Internet Mail Systems

Robotic Process Automation Technologies

Best Markets and Client Alignment Systems

M&A and Integration Management Support

Expert Testimony on Real Property & Business Interruption Valuation

Beverage Transformation Products