Peter M. Wells


Senior Executive, Visionary Entrepreneur, Growth Strategist, Game Changing Product Design, Business Growth & Transformation




“Insuring to Value” and “Insuring to Value; Meeting a Critical Need”

Widely recognized as the 20-year road map for the P&C Industry now being implemented


Converting ideas in commercially viable and renewable high dollar-high profit business

25 Years Corporate Leader, Managing Consultant, Change Agent & Sales Acceleration Master.

Delivering Consistent, Rapid and Totally Renewable Growth Even in Tough Economic Times.

Increasing Overall Enterprise Value Achieving Near $1 billion in Shareholder Returns.

 Leader in Innovative Solutions and Thought Leadership for the Insurance Industry


·         $10 billion in sustained annual premiums for over 60 insurance companies serviced

·         Methodologies for consistent improvement in insurer operating ratios

·         The industry’s first independent Web Platforms now with over 5M users

·         Insurance to Value (ITV) – today’s legally required practice for property insurance

·         4 Approaches to Insurance to Value

·         The first automated Claims Estimating Systems with severity control analytics ($4B industry)

·         The “total component” valuation method adopted universally around the world 

·         The first alternative Property Risk Score Mode ls Life-Cycle Cost Predictive Analytics for insurance and banking – now define 90% of loss drivers

·         Tax valuation guidelines adopted at law in 38 states

·         Modern Foreclosure Management technology for insurance and banking

·         Next generation customer messaging technology replacing expensive and opaque mail

·         Today’s first Commercial Contents and Inventory ITV Methodology

·         The industry’s first geo-spatial sales channel predictive system

·         Today’s first Business Interruption Insurance (BII) Property Valuation Methodology



MANAGING GENERAL PARTNER/Innovation & Transformation Leader

Peter M Wells Business Group, LLC, Milwaukee, WI                                                                 

Visionary entrepreneur leading an innovation and go-to-market management consulting company working with the financial services industry of insurance and banking, real estate, construction and government. The business utilizes Wells conceived “whitespace marketing” analytics research and co-management value sales techniques helping clients discover and build next generation technologies that change the business landscape to their advantage, then how to sell them. Ingenious systems are conceived and architected offering game changing competitive advantage and high growth high margin returns in ways no one saw before.


Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB) a division of MacDonald Dettwiler

MSB is the industry’s leading valuation systems and data analytics company providing cost estimating data, business intelligence, 3rd party support, enterprise web platforms, information technology, consulting and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to insurance, banking, government, and appraisal across North America and the world.

Responsible for taking the company from a $360M market value in 2004 to over $710M when sold to TPG Investment Bankers in 2011, gaining significant stock valuation upside and nearly $1 billion in combined shareholder returns.